February 27th, 2009

ScrollBoss: Now that I’m not scrambling to slap updates together every two weeks while also trying to make content for Illmosis, I’ve been able to finish some long overdue work.

The worst part was finally renaming and reformatting the last batch of sprites, over 100 files, from the old naming format. Before 2005 or so, I used to put files in the same folder so graphic file names started with “sprite” or “anim” for easy sorting. I’ve been converting 100’s files to the superior “sourcegame-platform_character_whatitdo.png” style off and on for years until I finished it Tuesday night. This also includes saving static stuff as PNG files. Then I had to (try and) find every page where I used those old sprites and fix the IMG tags. If reading that bored you, imagine living it. That’s some of the unseen behind-the-scenes crap I talk about in certain updates. The crazy part was finding sprites that I never added to the galleries like Drokmar’s “I have magics” jazz-hands pose and some stuff from Undercover Cops.

Next update’s ETA: March 6th. Kung Fu Master finally gets a graphic gallery while other random galleries get some additions. Magic Sword gallery gets a few new animations that I took for reference some reason. I want to kick in at least one sprite edit, but no promises.

Beans vs. Cornbread: I signed up to Twitter and I’m testing two different widgets in the sidebar. One has a ton of features but updates a bit more slowly than the second widget that’s just a simple script from the main site. My Twitter page is here so add me to your follow list. I may throw in links to preview and test stuff on there for quick feedback.

Illmosis: Continues to roll on. Just scanned B&W profile pic of an “earlier age” hero but I plan to have more than that this weekend. No new character profiles yet. Custom Lego Batmobile update IF I remember to get batteries.

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