June 13th, 2009

I turned 36 years old yesterday. I’m shocked and embarrassed by the well-wishing and insanely good presents I got this year. I try to stay low-key about my birthday for various reasons but other people decided to play dirty pool. One of my best friends got me a flat monitor that my eyes are still trying to get used to. Everything is so fresh and so clean-clean. One of my sisters even bought me a best German Chocolate cake, possibly my favorite cake of all cakes. Thanks again to everyone who got me a gift or said Happy Birthday. Damn you for making me smile about my birthday!

I only had two plans for this birthday. One of those plans: Root Beer and Pizza. Once again, even with lower-grade sources of both items, the combination managed to be the sure shot. The other plan was to draw something special. Since it was my 36th birthday and I’m a martial arts fan, there was only one choice: Gordon Liu as San-Te from the classic film “the 36th Chamber of Shaolin” from Shaw Studios. I’m still horrible at likenesses but it was still fun to draw this. It was a quick pic drawn after working the last work day of a week where I barely slept so I’m sure it could have been a lot worse.

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