So I planned to start this week off with an upbeat post and start a theme about how everything that I like is connected in my head in the same way it is in the minds of many other people out there. Then I saw this news story that I’m about to talk about and […]

I was going to do a completely different theme for this week’s music post, but I thought it’d be better if I waited until using that one for now. I have a week-long theme planned that’s related to the subject, so I figure I’d save it until then. Eh, I’m busy anyway. The apt. floor’s […]

Going through more of my old artwork, I found a picture that I kinda/sorta forgot about. My memory is a bit more messed up than I let on, so forgive me for fudging the details here. One of my aunts (Louise?) wanted me to draw a picture of Mickey Mouse in Hip-Hop clothing for the […]

I finally got this in the mail from today. For those who don’t know who the J.B.’s are, they’re James Brown’s band, which makes them much more than just a mere band. The J.B.’s are a funk force in their own right even when Mr. Please Please’s voice isn’t on the track. If you […]

Funky Friday is my continuing effort to start the weekend on “the good foot” for myself and anyone else bored enough to read this blog. Even though 75% of the vids from the last go-round being pulled less than one week after making the post, I’m going to take another stab at this. Souls of […]

Funky Friday will be a once-in-a-while thing that I’ll do (if I have the time that week) to post links YouTube videos. No, I’m not going to embed them, because that can lock up some folks browsers. Each Funky Friday will have a theme or a music style that links them together. This week, it’s […]

The Playahata Awards 2006 edition brings the acclaim and shame like Huey and Caesar did back in the Boondocks comic strip. It gives love where it’s due and hits below the belt when it’s more than deserved. Between and Davey D’s sites, my faith in Hip-Hop survives. To tell the truth, I want that […]