February 9th, 2007

Funky Friday will be a once-in-a-while thing that I’ll do (if I have the time that week) to post links YouTube videos. No, I’m not going to embed them, because that can lock up some folks browsers. Each Funky Friday will have a theme or a music style that links them together. This week, it’s all Hip-Hop. No, not that crap that you hear on the radio. I’m taking you back to a time when even Mainstream Hip-Hop was still worth a damn.

Kid ‘n Play – Gettin’ Funky – Some may know them from the House Party movies or their Sealab 2021 appearance, but heads from the late 80’s/early 90’s knew Kid n’ Play from funky joints like this. That little combo dance move they do at the end is the ‘Kick Step’ and a lot of people around here knew how to do that. I knew how to do that, which will probably blow the mind out of anybody that didn’t know me from then. Yeah, once upon a time I had some decent boogie-down skillage.

Serious Lee Fine – Nothing Can Stop Us Now – In what’s probably the best ever sampling job ever done with “One Nation Under a Groove” by Funkadelic, these three emcees thow down on a level that puts most current pop rappers to shame. Oh, I forgot: mainstream Hip-Hop doesn’t have shame. Anyway, this group was highly slept-on even though this video was always on Yo! MTV Raps at the time. In fact, I could never find that album back then, either, so distribution may’ve failed them. Speaking of Yo! MTV Raps, Ed Lover used to constantly make fun of the one guy’s hat. Hey, I like that hat. The group eventually appeared on the show and the results were pretty funny. I have it on tape somewhere and I’ll convert it once I find it.

K-Solo – Spellbound – Back when rappers were still exploring the art of the rhyme, K-Solo took the idea of spelling in the middle of a rhyme, expanded it into a song and did it without sounding like an disjointed idiot. He didn’t just spell a word in the middle of a rhyme, but he did it in a way where the letters became a part of the rhythm AND the rhyme. Give it a listen, trip out to that rhyme style and, damn, funk out to that beat.

Whodini – Funky Beat – We kicked it off with funk and so shall we end it. When I was a kid, Whodini was my favorite group, period. I’ll eventually do an entire post on Whodini. For now, just dig the only music video on Earth to feature the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dinosaurs, multiple chef hats (a true primal element of comedy), the ‘Funky Beat puppet’ and Thedore Huxtable.

That’s enough for today. With any luck, I’ve made your Friday a much funkier experience. Have a good weekend!

edit: found new version of a vid that was deleted after the post was made

4 Responses to “Funky Friday part 1: And then one night…”

  1. nice to see you alive and keeping up 🙂

  2. MICROmor! I haven’t seen you in years, man! Good to see that you’re still alive, too!

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