January 31st, 2007

January 31st, 2007 will forever be the known as the day that the Mooninites tried to take away our beautiful, wonderful freedoms.

Boston devices a cartoon marketing ploy
FNC dedicates an entire hour to it
On Slashdot

Then, the authorities kick it up a notch:
Arrest Made In Boston’s Hoax Device Incident

I hope whoever planned the whole thing has proof that they alerted the authorities before it happened. By proof, I mean proof that they have in their hands since the police can just throw away any embarassing evidence on their end. Well, evidence more embarassing than an Atari 2600-styled alien flipping them the bird. And besides the fact that the other cities that they did this in (and notified the authorities) didn’t go apespit.

I think TestPattern has my favorite description of events so far:

It’s been pretty hilarious to read the national media coverage of this, especially watching reporters who obviously have never heard of “Aqua Teens” try to describe it. They try so hard to be formal, to be precise, to follow AP style, even with the most ridiculous content. The resulting language makes it sound like no one in the mass media even owns a TV.

Sure, it’s not as funny as Evil Bert cold lampin’ with Osama Bin Laden but this really has made my week and it’s not even over yet.

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