January 12th, 2007

(edited 6/03/07)
In the rare cases that I succeed in doing a good job on something, it’s usually something that was intended to be something else. My character Nutroll started as a completely different thing from what he is now. My video game fan site ScrollBoss had maybe 10 graphics (and that could be pushing it) when I started. Now, I could bury any of my enemies in an unmarked grave and fill it with the video game sprite section alone. In other words, I’m at my best when I start something, do whatever I feel like with it and ride the rhythm as the creation finishes making itself. As goofy as that sounds, somebody stoned off their moneymaker’s going to stumble on this page, read that line and mumble, “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!” and spend 5 minutes pointing at his eyes, then the screen. But, really, that’s my plan. I’m starting this blog with no focus other than whatever is in my brain at the time or things that I need to leave somewhere they’re lost to the mists of time and my crappy memory. I post my artwork here, including a lot of things that never make it to the main site, Illmosis. Topics range from comics to Hip-Hop to toys to cable system errors that will leave my soul scarred forever. Simply put, it’s all random.

About me:
Jack of some trades, master of none. Comic nerd, Wanna-be artist, Pixel manipulator, Hip-Hop Junkie, Kung-Fu flick imitator (I may have been expelled, but I am still the best!), Lego Maniac, Keeper of the Funk, Video game fan, B-movie marauder, Mego veteran, soul survivor, Adult Swimmer, Planet Rocker, former Avenger, current Justice Leaguer, Blue Blazer Irregular (unofficially), former Metro City resident, Bionic Commando, Ultramagnetic mf’er.

Until I feel like writing a proper “About Me” page, that’s all I’m saying about that.