January 12th, 2007


I’ve decided to restart this blog with the purpose of making it less boring. The first try bored me as I was doing it and I’m sure that it bored anyone that read it. More than anything, I’m going to write this in “my voice” without regard for how crazy it sounds.

The mission of this blog to take all the things that are cluttering my brain and leave them here so I can fill my brain with new, unimportant things. Musings will include just about anything from comic books to Hip-Hop to video games to how chicken pot pies that lack a bottom crust should be outlawed. There will also be posts that feature my crappy artwork that can be seen on Illmosis and a few places on ScrollBoss.

BTW: if you’re one of those “I have a problem with bad grammar and spelling” people, you should probably just leave now or perhaps, learn to deal with an imperfect world. It’s your call.

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