January 14th, 2007

Things that I got this week:

Raw vs. Smackdown 2006 – That’s right, 2006. The old one. It was on sale at Wal-Mart for $10, so I stopped resisting. In a rare bit of good timing, I passed it up over a week ago when it was $19. It takes a bit of getting used to since I hadn’t really played a wrestling game since Smackdown 2 for the original Playstation. As a Create-A-Wrestler addict, I love that feature in this game. The number of chinese characters/kanji in this game is so deep that I was able to make Guy from Final Fight complete with his Bushin uniform symbols. Very fun indeed. I’m glad that I have this one since I’ve heard… things about the brand-new 2007 edition. Besides the mention that elements have been removed from the CAW mode (Boo!), there’s supposedly an incident in season mode that’s… eh, I’ll post it if I find a video. I’m sure you people have seen it already.

52: Week 36 – Again, a great issue of a series that I’ve dug from the start. One thing that everybody was expecting to happen went down, one thing that a lot of people thought happened last issue turns out to not have happened and one long awaited finally upgrades from oft-mentioned to proving that he’d be pretty good at tag. Oh, and Adam Hughes draws Power Girl’s origin. Awww yeah.

Then I hit the El Cheapo bin at the comic shop and found some fun stuff.

Alpha Flight vol.1 #12 – You know, if I had read this right when it came out, I’d never had seen that ending coming. Unlike most comics with covers hinting at a death, this one doesn’t suck. Good character play and action all the way through.

Master of Kung-Fu #82 and #88 – I remember the fact that I read the series as a kid without actually remembering what happened in it. Reading these reminded me that what little skill I have with drawing fight scenes with flow has to be partially influenced by Mike Zeck. You can tell that the movement in each panel was well thought out to “chain together” into a fluid action scene.

Speedball the Masked Marvel #1 & #2 – I’ve only read the first issue, but the book instantly sets up a classic Marvel dilemma for hero Robbie Baldwin where he has little control over his powers. For extra spice, his parents are split in their opinion of the new, mysterious costumed characer running around their town. You know, if you follow that kid’s characterization, you get a partial glimpse at how comics have changed since 1988. I may have to devote a post to that one day.

There’ll probably be a bigger haul this upcoming weekend since I won’t be damn-near-broke. Until then, I’ll be working on some new character profile artwork and unlocking more RvsS 2006 goodies.

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