February 1st, 2007

Click the thumbnail to see the whole joint
So back in 2003, I hurt my drawing hand in a moving accident. That’s one of the things that slowed my art output to a slow crawl. In fact, it was still bothering me when I did that doodle page there. In the full-sized version (click on it to see that and other dumb stuff like the Punisher’s burning corpse) I point out to the parts that hurt then. As I type this, my hand hurts, but in completely different places. Seeing as how I planned to draw another multi-character pic soon, that’s some crappy timing.

In case that some one is actually reading this and doesn’t know about the main site, there’s a poll for who’ll be in the 10,000 hits pic that’s been delayed for various reasons. In more proof that most people know me from doing ScrollBoss, an obscure video game character is beating out the likes of Dr. Doom and the Juggernaut. Now, I’m pretty sure it’s probably one to three people voting for him over and over again. The fact that anyone gives that much of a damn about a character means that character should be drawn. The mere fact that the site is visited by people who don’t automatically vote for X-Men characters makes me want to do more polls.

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