February 11th, 2007

So the 10K hits poll from Illmosis shook out like this:

Adam Hunter – Streets of Rage 17
the Monarch (Venture Brothers) 9
Juggernaut 9
Starscream (Transformers) 9
Blue Beetle 7
Space Ghost 6
Moon Knight 6
Ken Masters (Street Fighter) 6
War Machine 6
Dr. Doom 6

The only sad thing is that Starscream’s size is making EVERY layout attempt I’ve come up with impossible. As it is in my head now, it’s based in a kinda of a high-tech base, big open shaft with walkways. I can put the walkway fights in the foreground with Starscream towards the back. I’m almost sure that Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) will be facing a very nervous Monarch (“You d***!”) from the Venture Brothers and Doom will be fending off War Machine. Possible dogpile on a still-vlllainous Juggernaut and there may be an X-Men vs. Street Figther in-joke tossed in there somewhere. Yes, I’m going to TRY to draw all 10 characters in the same pic, despite how I haven’t done that since the artist’s block years ago. Prepare for complete and utter disappointment!

Meanwhile, on DeviantArt, I posted a really rough sketch of a female ninja (or kunoichi, if you’re nasty) from the old Punisher coin-op by Capcom. It was a request that I’m in the middle of right now. Hope Gargu likes the finished product.

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