So I was checking out some pages that were linking to this blog and one of those link sites had a link to another blog that has a Funky Friday feature. A danged good one, too! Silence is a rhythm too See, that’s how feature would look if I were doing it right. Anyway, since […]

As I’ve said a few times on ths blog for the last week or so, everything I’ve tried to draw has turned out crappier than usual. What you see to the side here is the one that’s the least embarassing. It was based on a sketch from a doodle page that I dont’ think even […]

… which is only kinda-sorta funny if you have this funky song rolling through your head. Seriously, I have a bad habit of being cryptic about things as if anyone truly gives a damn about what I’m doing next. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s how it looks to anyone else. That’s probably the last […]