February 20th, 2007

… which is only kinda-sorta funny if you have this funky song rolling through your head.

Seriously, I have a bad habit of being cryptic about things as if anyone truly gives a damn about what I’m doing next. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s how it looks to anyone else. That’s probably the last reason why I operate in vague mode. Usually, it’s from something being a spoiler in a comic of mine. I have loose road map of where most of these character will be and it’s mostly about trying to find the route to use as a story.

Then there’s the irritating reason that I have to be vague in the fan game community. In a few places, I’ve noticed a pattern of things being announced followed by some hack who does a quick, sloppy, poot butt variation of the other person’s idea just so they can be the first to finish it. I can’t post preview work anymore because someone will just swipe it and throw it in their project while pretending that they did it. It’s already happened to me a few times and I’ve just cancelled projects because of it. Here’s an example: the reason why I didn’t post a separate sprite of Archangel, upload the improved version of Spider-Woman or show the animation of that Batroc on this page is because they’re part of the same project I’ve been messing around with for a while. And what sucks is that I can’t even hint at it because it’d be an easy idea to copy even if the chump doesn’t have all the extra stuff for it. As you’ve probably guessed, it does take a lot of the fun out of it in a way. But when I actually finish it and spring it on people, it’s more of a surprise and people seem to dig it a lot more. I’ve traded the strong motivation of immediate public feedback to getting it done before somebody swipes it for a hentai bonus game. Eh, I’ll live.

In much less vague news, I think I’m going to draw each part of that 10K hits pic separately, show most of the parts on their own then digitally put them together. It’ll probably be the bottom one first since it has Blue Beetle and the Monarch in the same place at the same time.

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