February 20th, 2007

GL-Hal_failedattempt2 As I’ve said a few times on ths blog for the last week or so, everything I’ve tried to draw has turned out crappier than usual. What you see to the side here is the one that’s the least embarassing. It was based on a sketch from a doodle page that I dont’ think even shows up on the site yet. The problem was that I changed the pose as I was doing it to show more of the legs and the feet. Again, the “they’re all going to complain” factor crept in and I screwed things up. It’s even more stupid since the plan was to have Hal here fly towards the screen in a – – oops. I have to be cryptic again. Man, I hate having to do that. With any luck, you’ll see some unfail versions of this other thing later this year.

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