March 11th, 2007

So I’m using to proofread that last entry and Dr. Sakimoto catches an error that suggests Sakamoto. So I immediately panic and think that I’d been another stupid round eye making with the messed-up Japanese names. Her name was supposed to be a reference to something I’m not going to spoil but anyone with enough 80’s points will figure it out. Anyways, I put Sakimoto into Google and the first thing that catches my eye is a Wikipedia link to Hitoshi Sakimoto. The name sounded familiar, but I didn’t know who it was. As it turns out, Hitoshi Sakimoto was the composer for two of my all-time favorite games: Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy Tactics. I love the music from Ogre Battle and fully believe that man did more with the SNES sound chip than most gamers will ever know. So along with Passion Tanaka having her last name come from the legendary Hip Tanaka, Dr. Sakimoto is the second character of mine to share a last name with a favorite game soundtrack composer. I can’t believe that I’m now subconsciously making obscure in-jokes now. You’ll know I’ve completely flipped it if you see Twofold fighting Yuukichan’s Papa.

Anyway, this post isn’t as much for anyone else as much as it is for me since I’d forget all this f I never wrote it down somewhere..

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