March 11th, 2007

I’m sleepy. For those that know me in real life, that’s nothing new because I usually look like I’m going to fall asleep. In this case, I’m sleepier than usual. I’m making more idjit-grade mistakes than usual. It’s like the weird thing that happened to my sleeping pattern got even worse just in time for an early DST shift this weekend. At this point, I’m wobbling around like an 8-year-old strung out on strong cough medicine who is just coherent enough not to knock over his toys. Sadly, that last part applies to both the 8-year old me and the adult me.

People keep asking me what’s up with Nutroll and when he’ll finally get some online comics. What’s up is that I have three story ideas and I’m unsure of which to start with. Besides a remake of the old Escapism story, I’ve had a story idea about a therapy session between ‘Roll and Dr. Sakimoto that’d establish her role. I still call it an idea because I could never decide on how to start it and worried that it’d be too boring of a way to introduce him. That was until I came up with a new intro story idea that’d blend all the early Nutroll basics into one story that wouldn’t bore you to tears. With any luck, I’ll have news (or the story itself) in April.

On Illmosis, I added a slightly updated version of the Mindsight redesign pic and updated the Artists link page. To help spread the word of these two places (not that anyone reads this blog or anything) , I’m also posting the links here:

Nyte Varisector – An artsite/online comic/every dang thing site that belongs to Dynamowolf, one really talented and creative cat. Like Rakim, his style is identical to none and this world is better for it. Plus, his list of favorite music artists is nearly identical to mine right down to including Whodini. Gotta spread the word of any

Titanium Knights – This artist is linking to me, so I’m linking right back at him. Like Dynamowolf, he’s another creative artist with his own comic book universe. Some has a cosmic/sci-fi feel to it, but he has stuff from a bit of everywhere. I really want to see him draw more spaceship designs like the one on this page. .

Check ’em out and give them some love (and a DeviantArt add if you’re on there). Once I “get the lead out” and start producing more artwork at a higher rate, I need to draw some fan art for those two.

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