March 21st, 2007

After years of artist’s block, writer’s block and just the overall feeling that I’m about to just go completely insane and lose my groove forever, I finally came up with a GOOD way to start one of my characters’ stories off. No, it’s not perfect and it’s not great. Unlike the other stoies I think it’ll work much better as an introduction. All the other stories just threw too many characters into your face at once. This one? It gives you the basic gist of the main character without a ton of supporting cast clutter while still having a story where said main character gets to do his thing. Which character am I speaking of? This one:

It's Nutroll!

While his section of my website needs updating, you can learn a bit about him here. Ugh, I just noticed some mistakes there that need to be taken care of, too. Oh, and there’s a super old preview of his crazy self here.

There’ll be a goofy 1-page teaser on April 1st to buy me some time and get people in the mood for it. Then, probably in the middle of April, you’ll get your first chunk of an actual story. I’m both glad and scared at the same time because I have no idea if I’ll completely screw this up. Still, doing something is better than doing nothing and I’ve been doing nothing for a long, long time. So… yeah. Ten days until I finally kick this off. Besides polishing up his section of the site, there’ll be other additions to the main spot in April, too. But for the most part, April wil be the month of Nutroll.

Nutroll © 2007 James Beaver. All characters used with permission because, well, I made them up myself

2 Responses to “To hell with being vague…”

  1. Thanks, Kiwi. Yeah, it’s no coincidence, either. I always try to do something special with Nutroll on that day, but it usually never works out. This time, I’m hoping things will be different.

    Honestly… I’m scared s***less. On the upside, I’ll be sure to remember this as a possible cure for constipation.

  2. aaaaaand now something funky’s going on with the comments because Kiwi’s comment has just disappeared. Dammit.