March 22nd, 2007

First of all, I need to hunt down whoever it is that’s been beating me in the head with a cinder block as I sleep. That’s just what it feels like right now. It’s as if someone said of me, “And you can’t beat that with a stickball bat!” and some jackass took them up on the challenge. So if the culprit is out there reading the blog, know you this:messin’ with me is a contest that many have entered and few have won. Okay, not really, but I just thought of that line and wanted to have it somewhere before I forgot it.

I was going to post a link to a Davey D story about Immortal Technique being blocked from performing at an anti-War demonstration by a maze of misdirection courtesy of the authorities, but there’s a ton of new stuff that I don’t have time to read yet. I’m dying to read the “Confessions of a BET programmer” stories that I didn’t notice last time. I love the fact that there are sites like Davey D’s and (which I keep forgetting ot add to my redone blog’s link list) out there exposing nonsense and bringing light to some of the positive stuff out there.

I’m working on the April 1st Nutroll preview and it’s pretty news-heavy. I have to keep looking at pictures of news desks and news anchors. The news anchors I’m drawing aren’t just plain characters in my head any more and have taken on a life of their own with frightening results. Some of the page layout may make it impossible to preserve a perfect TV screen shape, but there’ll still be lots of screen graphics cluttering things up just as in real life. More on that later.

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