March 23rd, 2007

Seeing as how I’m sure this won’t be the last time, I’m calling this theme, “Too busy for a theme pt.1” I’m just going to link to a few videos related to what I’m thinking of right now. Lazy? Yep. I’m working on a story, so this is merely a shifting of the lazy.

Whodini – the Freaks Come Out at Night If you have a station in your area that airs the long-running Soul Train program, watch it this week to see Whodini gettin’ down. To hold you over ’til then, watch that video.

Cameo – Candy Since I’m still funkin’ out to the Cameo CD I got earlier this week, that’s a link to their video for Candy. Why Candy? Because too many people only know Cameo for ‘Word Up’ and those people border on running it into the ground.

Minnie Ripperton – Reasons And now I combine the topics of ‘Soul Train’ and ‘you should know more than one song by this person’ with this clip of the late, great Minnie Ripperton. No, this isn’t the same Reasons that EW&F did. While I’ve been thinking of her classic Memory Lane this week, this is the best non-“Lovin’ You” video I could find (and a damn good one, too).

Sorry for cuttin’ it short, party people, but I have to be productive right now. Y’all have a good weekend and I’ll hopefully have some interesting artwork waiting for you next week.

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