June 3rd, 2007

Karnov B&WSo the artwork that I was struggling with as I worked on that early morning post was good enough to be posted on the site today. It’s of the infamous classic video game character Karnov. Not only did he switch between being a hero and villain before it was cool, but he pops up in a ton of other Data East games other than his own and also became one of the few non-heroic gaming mascots ever. It isn’t really a great picture, but I was glad to get some artwork out of my system.

Right now I’m working on another update to the site’s gallery system. While it’s not all that great or fancy, it’s nice to have built a gallery system from the ground up. I started the gallery system recently, but I think I’d also like to have art context tags. So that’s what I’m working on now along with cleaning up some older coding. I’m hoping to put together an all-around big update for next week since it’s right before my birthday.

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