June 4th, 2007

Before reading this, please remember that all items have been sorted according to cranial capacity, shoelace length and use of rotoscoped stock footage.

1.) In the “I’ll probably have a better time remembering this if I slap it in a blog post” department, I need to get an issue of Cereal:Geek, a magazine that’s all about 80’s cartoon. A great side effect of not being an animation snob is that I still love the 70’s and 80’s animation that a lot of people seem to hate. Well, I still don’t like the first season of Super Friends (except for the episode where they played the H-B Fantastic Four theme), but I’m only human. Anyway, it looks interesting and I’ll have to pick up that first issue to help support the cause.

2.) In the last post I mentioned the idea that I had of adding tags to the PHP flat file-based gallery system I crappily put together for the site. Last night, I finished it and it’s working on my hard drive’s test copy of the website. The artpages can display the tags of a picture and clicking on a tag name will take you to a gallery with all the pics with that tag. As a living brain fart, I don’t even know how I got it to work last night.

3.) In the “Oh my!” department:
YouTube.com video: Superpoderosas video with Batgirl, Catwoman and Wonder Woman

Gotta go… another thunderstorm’s brewin’… AGAIN…

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