June 11th, 2007

While working on the ScrollBoss update, I’ll jot some commentary down on the draft. Not that you care, but it’ll be fun for me. I’ll have to post some of it after it’s done since I got to work at 9:30.

8:18 – I’m digging the borderline mental patient verson of Vincent McMahon. Weird to see such a short match between two champs like Edge and John Cena. Of course, it’s fully explained when the Great Khali is drafted and you see the “Oh crap, this guy’s going to take my title” look on his face. I also like how whoever made the random wrestler selector must’ve played video games. Seriously, it’s like playing MUGEN and putting it on Random Select (with big portraits included). Cool.

8:26 – Jesse the Body cutting a promo? Beautiful.

8:40 – Heh, I wonder what Foley will be up to once he gets back. Maybe even a GM position somewhere? CM Punk and Carlito need to wrestle more often because that was pretty damned good for being a short match. But… eh… the Boogieman in ECW? Look, I like Boogie. But that’s just… I don’t know. Then again, they can bring back the ECW Zombie and make a new tag team. Yes, i’d like that. Shut up. After Snoop’s lil’ speech about McMahon, this night might drive the poor owner completely insane. Hmmm…

8:59 – Balls Mahoney on the losing end of a squash match against Umaga? Well, sounds like ECW’s still the same. Balls deserves better than that. Nice to see Booker and Charmelle again, though. I’m looking forward to seeing him in action again.

9:13 – The draft made me root for Lashley more than Benoit? That’s crazy as catfish. Great to see that Benoit is going to make the transition to ECW. I’m hoping that’ll give him a chance to go back to his older, more varied wrestling style. Oh, Trump’s on. Time to do something else.

9:22 – That was so wrong that it was just right. Moolah and Mae Young… they’ve still got it!

Okay, I’m off to work. I’ll blab about the rest after work.

Edit: Back from work. Seeing as how there’s no point in keeping the time thing going, I’ll just keep things brief with the rest.

Candice Michelle looks like she’s been practicing her in-ring skills a lot more and it’s paying off. Even better, her win lead to Lashley getting drafted. It’s good to see Lashley move to Raw where he won’t just be squashing ECW regulars and wrestling on other programs.

What the hell @ teasing a Jeff Hardy vs. Elijah Burke match then putting Batista in it? The match was okay while it lasted, but the outcome was predictable. Still, whoever put these matches together did a nice job of having some of them match up with draft pick. I wonder if we’ll see Flair and Batista chillin’ on Smackdown. That 15 man battle royal made no kind of damned sense at all.

It’s good to see that Rowdy Roddy Piper’s doing okay, that Bobby the Brain still has that wit and Capt. Lou is still “a legend in his own mind” (and mine, while we’re at it). Seeing Bret Hart on a WWE program talking about McMahon was just too ill considering what happened all those years ago. But above all, Dusty Rhodes’ sermon takes the top spot in my book.

Of course… that ending? Did NOT see that coming.

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