July 11th, 2007

The 7th anniversary of my video game fan site, ScrollBoss, is next week. I’ve been trying to get quick things to put together for a big update. I’d noticed that Google-searching ScrollBoss now only gets about 9 entries. I checked the “similar results” thing and felt better that a lot of the old things that’d pop up before show up in that. I think it’s related to my Google settings or something. But that’s when I noticed it.

See, ever since I first started it, putting ScrollBoss in a search engine would always ask if the user meant “scrollbars” instead. Makes sense, since no one was really using the term as a compound word. But now… it doesn’t ask that. You ask for ScrollBoss with Google, you get ScrollBoss. I’m sure it’s more of a sign that the place refuses to die than any sort of excellence. BUT STILL.

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