July 14th, 2007

from Kotaku.com:

Honestly, up to this point, Smash Bros. Brawl hasn’t done much for me. Especially the pedestrian daily updates. As of today, though? OK, Nintendo, you got me. There’s an Animal Crossing stage in the game, and if you play a match at 8pm on a Saturday…yeah, you know how it goes down.
Smashville [Smash Bros Dojo]

That’s above and beyond the call of beauty. For those who’ve never played Animal Crossing, there’s this dog that… you know what? Trying to explain that game is like telling someone about a Monty Python sketch. Screw that. Just watch this video of the magic that happens in Animal Crossing on Saturday night. Check out what he says at the end and understand why K.K. Slider is the true king of the indy music scene.

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