November 10th, 2007

Rey Mysterio - Little Big Man DVD frontIt was a tough choice between the Rey Mysterio – the Biggest Little Man set and the entire Filmation series of Aquaman, but Rey won out in this case. The Cruiserweight division was one the main reasons I watched WCW Monday Nitro and Rey Mysterio Jr. always pulled off some insane move that blew my mind. Those matches were my introduction to the Lucha Libre style of wrestling and I’ve dug it ever since. I haven’t watched anything from the set yet because I’m saving it all for Sunday. I’m already hyped up for it because reading the match listing reveals matches vs. Dean Malenko, Juventud Guerrera, Juvi’s dad Fuerza, Ultimate Dragon/Ultimo Dragon, Psicosis, Jushin Thunder Liger, Super Calo and Blitzkreig. Some of my favorite matches in wrestling had Rey vs. Malenko and Rey vs. Ultimate Dragon, but I’m dying to see that match with Blitzkreig. I’m a bit disappointed that there’s only one 6-man tag match, but I’m just glad that this set has what it has. Of course, I’m saddened about the lack of La Parka but maybe he’ll do a run-in on one of these matches. Still, three discs of Rey doing his thing is well worth $20 and I hope sales on this can lead to some later releases with more Cruiserweight action.

When I got this DVD set at Wal-Mart, it was bundled with a DVD preview of the latest Smackdown vs. Raw game that’s about to drop soon. While I’m looking forward to getting SvR2008 one day, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns will be my next wrestling game purchase. I don’t have any of the fancy new gen machines, so I’ll hold off on SvR2008 until I get one. I’ve only played the GBA version of Fire Pro, but I immediately got into the depth of it and I’ve heard the PS2 version ups the ante much, much more. The two-dimensional graphics don’t put me off at all and video that I’ve seen of it shows that it’s just as or maybe even more fluid than the current 3-D wrestling games. Plus, the chance to customize everything from wrestlers (and you can make HUNDREDS), factions, tag teams, rings (even draw your own logos), and even referees is too insane to pass up. Even better: it’s less that $20. Aw yeah.

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