November 19th, 2007

First it was the inkless printer. About 2 weeks ago I decided to roll El Cheapo style and try a ink refill kit for $15. After using the mini-hand drill included with the kit to hand carve a hole into the top of the ink cart, I find out that now the paper now has a hard time moving through it. So that $15 was for nothing… but at least I didn’t pay full price for a new ink cart. I barely even used the damn printer except to print some Lego torso stickers, the reassembled layout sketch for this pic and some coupons.

Last week was when my mouse, the USB-to-oldschoolian mouse connector or the computer itself starting bugging out. It jumps all over the place and sometimes tries to click on everything while scooting across the screen at the speed of light. Other times just the cursor will freeze while everything else works with a few rare moments of the computer freezing up. I tried using another optical mouse I had and it did the same thing. I should dig up that old non-optical/non-USB to test if that’s what’s up. On top of that, my old digital camera just figured out how to Instant Hell Murder a fresh pack of batteries in less than 24 hours without even being on. What a Greedo Smurf.

I love how all this happens after I do this big site upgrade and get excited to make new content for it. It’s just cold, man. So don’t expect any full-color artwork for a while. You know… for anyone that actually looks forward to anything on that site.

**crickets chirping**

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