January 1st, 2008

Because it just was. For me, it was somewhat balanced. I gave my site the redesign kick in the crapflaps it’s needed for damn-near-ever but now I’m dealing with small annoying bugs. I started a comic and almost immediately got stuck on it when I came up with better ideas for it. Drawing and computer coloring feels more natural again but now I seem to spend too much time working on the sites (except this one).

This started off as a rough year when my grandfather died but ends with the birth of my impossibly cute niece, Aaliyah. This is my first time being able to see a niece or nephew so young on a regular basis. I only got to see my niece Shella a few times as another impossibly cute baby, but I’ll be able to see Aaliyah on a more regular basis. This will lead to me helping to spoil that kid with toys and, as soon as she’s old enough, Duplo blocks.

So, to anyone bored enough to read this rickety blog, Happy New Year!

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