January 15th, 2008

Virtual Caveman 350p
Here’s a quick post of random things I’m up to at the moment:

1.) ‘That thing’ that I was working on but only mentioning in a vague manner like Peter Potamus is now done. Click the pic over there to get all the info and I’ll have a post all about this later on in the week. If you know me, try not to act too surprised that I drew a background.

2.) Random pics that I haven’t forgotten about for other people: Snake-Eyes v.1 (currently in loose pencils), a kunoichi from the Punisher arcade game and a redrawn Martha from Combatribes because the old one turned out horrible.

3.) ScrollBoss’ first 2008 update hits tomorrow with a MUGEN version of Shinobi’s first stage, a review of Toaplan’s Knuckle Bash and some other random things. And damn me for not taking a pic of the Knuckle Bash cabinet when All American Comics had it in their store a few years ago. I think the cabinet is the only thing that tells you what the hell the characters’ names are. The Shinobi stage isn’t 100% perfect, but it’s better than the one wiped out by the horrific HD crash from a few years ago. I am NOT going to spend more of my life trying to record the timing of the little squirmy ninja hostage kids for a stage that, honestly, no one else is really going to give a crap about. At least it’s done and I can take it off the W.I.P. page.

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