January 17th, 2008

Random news things that I’ve run across:

The Black Church and the Hollowing Out of Black Politics
by BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon

A good article, even if it’s disturbing and sad. It’s sad to see that some of Black pastors and politicians are using the same crooked, divisive moves that were used against those that came before them. Here’s a quote:

The fears of those who predicted that billions of dollars in faith-based subsidies distributed by the Bush Administration to churches across the country would build a Republican patronage machine in white constituencies, and severely blunt the prophetic edge of the Black Church, may be coming to pass. Where once Black pastors were among the few who could speak truth to power with little fear of economic retaliation, many may now have ministries with governmental funding streams to worry about, while the least principled among them have been emboldened to ape the talking points and political interventions of white right wing ministers. In the current context, given the flood of corporate money available to pliant African American politicians, and the lack of local news coverage that might facilitate their being held accountable, the interventions of the Black Church into politics only threaten to take those politics further and further away from the desires of African American constituencies.

And now a Newsarama article by Dirk Danning about the whole Spider-Man marriage thing that I kinda don’t care about. What scares me about this article is that he also makes a perfect wrestling analogy that makes sense if you follow wrestling. I’ve been thinking the same thing about how many of the things that I enjoy seem to use the same tactics. Imagine paying for a wrestling Pay-Per-View to see how a rivalry finishes up only for it to drag on to the weekly show. Sounds like a lot of comic book Big Event mini-series, hunh?

Well, I’m going to end this thing on an up note:
Bionic Commando: Rearmed
Well hot damn.

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