March 13th, 2008

So now I’m working a few more hours a week at the real-life cleaning job. It’ll be good to be making more money but bad for two reasons. The first reason is easy to explain. More time at work means that I have less time to work on other things. I have NO idea if I kick out as much Nutroll comicness for April as I had originally planned. On top of that, ScrollBoss will be dead beyond dead until May with none of the usual stealth updates. I’m okay with that. The main problem is that every part of my body that I messed up while moving/shoveling/working weeks ago won’t improve as quickly, if at all. My hands are getting better but the left one still sounds like the Juggernaut is tap dancing on a pile of bubble wrap. I’ll have to keep my typing down to a minimum, so don’t expect to see me ramble too much here or anywhere else for a while.

I’ve been so busy lately that I missed the fact that Xombi brought the blog-style posts back to the front page of As always, he had some interesting thoughts and links on deck. My favorite is this eSkeptic article about the flaws of television news.

Happy Birthday to comic shop owner, swamp creature connaisseur and blogger extraordinaire, Mike Sterling!

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