March 14th, 2008

So I was gathering the layout sketches for “Nutroll: the Illness” only to find out that I only have about 50% of what I was looking for. Of course, that 50% turns out to be the GOOD version of the beginning pages. I thought I had it set out with the other group of layouts and character designs, but it’s not here. I wanted to start on that this weekend, but it looks like I’ll be spending Saturday and Sunday looking for it. My Pissedoffometer just hit a level usually reserved for disgruntled ninja assassins and surly town drunks. For all those who plan to bring some s*** today, please be aware that I will have none of that and will use sudden violence to demonstrate that fact. For Rilla.

You will know I haven’t found it by Sunday if you think you can hear some random Black dude from Ohio yelling a stream of non-stop curse words at about 3 AM. That’s 3 AM Eastern Standard Time and the running time will range between 10 to 23 minutes with no commerical interruptions.You have been warned.

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