March 19th, 2008

I’m currently having fun with some of the following symptoms:

  • a pain like Sonny Chiba punched me in the throat hard enough to make my neck explode in slow motion.
  • my head being inflated by the guy from Dig Dug but not enough to explode because he had to turn around and pump up a Pooka that was sneaking up on him.
  • the feeling that someone tripping off Angel Dust is feverishly rattling a steak knife around inside my right ear as if there’s still some peanut butter stuck in the corners and grooves.
  • that time Monday night when I coughed up Slimer from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.

If you know me from anywhere else, I apologize for not posting much and for how my posts are more garbled than usual.

My search on Sunday night didn’t turn up the Nutroll page layouts but I did find the fat brick of multipurpose paper I use for artwork and other stuff. I also found a sketch of a storefront that appears on page 2 so I’m getting closer to having everything that I need to start this. I still haven’t found the small sketchbook and I’m starting to think that the layout sketches are still in that. I took another shot at laying that page out while in “Ear vs. Steak knife” mode this morning and even got around to designing the makeshift mask for an upcoming character redesign. I’ve given up looking for the older layouts because I’m sure I’ll only find them after I draw from the so-so sketches that I just did. I’m just telling you this to lower your expectations for the comic just in case they weren’t low enough already.

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