April 25th, 2008

It’s done. That “Nutroll: the Illness” teaser page I’ve been yakking about for-damn-near-ever is finally done. The weather reports have been filled with computer-frying thunderstorms for most of this week, so I’m glad that the necessary stuff is done now before Raiden or Thor bring the wrath. It’ll be uploaded to Illmosis on Sunday and I’ll bug-check everything until then.

Most of the grunt work was done at a resolution where I can convert a lot of it to be put in a book. All the extra cleaning and detail work is what made this take so long. I figured that I may as well do it like that since it was already late for the site. It’s good to have that danged page done.

I’m a sucker for comic book reference material so my soul was filled with the happy after reading the Newsarama story about the upcoming All-New Iron Manual by Eliot Brown, the technical adviser to the old Marvel Universe handbooks and the original Iron Manual. This book will drop mad science (as the 90’s would say) about more armors than most people even know exist. Remember that 1990’s armor that got it’s own foil comic book cover only to be replaced about 10 issues later? There’s new art of it in that Newsarama link. That’s thorough, group. I’m sure that most comic blogs all over the interbutts have posts all about the cool technical bits of the MU Handbooks, but I’ll have to make my own personal list one day.

In epic happy real life news, the owner of these apartment buildings I’m living in announced that he won’t add gas meters to the rest of the apartments and will put that money towards fixing the shoddy 1970’s insulation. These places have some really bad draft zones and it looks like it’d be cheaper to just fix those than to add gas lines.

Legendary blogger David Campbell closes down Dave’s Long Box, his comic book blog. This was one of the first blogs that I ever checked out on a consistent basis and I’m sorry to see it close. It’s all for good reasons because he’s busy with all sorts of good stuff such as blogging for ABC. If, for some reason reason that defies the odds of reality itself, you’ve never checked out either blog, go and give both spots a read and be fully entertained.

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