April 21st, 2008

Harley Quinn B&W artwork I’ve only posted this Harley Quinn picture in a few places, but the response has been surprisingly positive. I’d like to thank everyone who had a kind word to say about this one. The funny thing is that I drew this just to have something new on the site for the week. You can see and learn a bit more on the Illmosis gallery page. I was trying to give her a slightly Looney Tunes vibe with the pose as if Bugs Bunny was up to bat against the Gashouse Gorillas but with a shade of sex appeal. I just noticed that she’s also channeling a bit of Ed Grimley in the legs there. I’ll give you a few seconds to be disturbed by thinking of Harley Quinn, Bugs Bunny and Ed Grimley at the same time. Time’s up.Check out how I ran out of room and had to draw the mallet on a separate piece of paper:

Harley Quinn - photos of line art

Really, I was (and still may) lightbox all that onto bigger and better paper or bristol board, but I scanned and reassembled it anyway. You can barely see the second, silly face I’ll probably use as a variant version of the pic.

Work on Nutroll:The Illness continues! These people will be on monitors in the background. They were drawn with the hasteness since you’ll barely be able to see them anyways.

NNC Monitor drawings

The woman in the upper right corner will be a reporter in another book.

G.I.JOE 25th Anniversary: 10 single pack Cobra Troopers

I bought two more Cobra Troopers this weekend which brings my grand total up to 10. They had two more and I had more than enough money to buy them but I decided not to be a hoarder and left them for someone else to get. 10 is probably enough for any set-up or diorama I want to do anyway.

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