May 11th, 2008

Harley Quinn 2008 color - regular First of all, here’s that Harley Quinn in color. Ain’t she cute? People still seem to like it now that it’s in color so I guess I didn’t screw it up. Some like the shine effects on the fabric, but I tried to avoid making it look like she’s wearing a catsuit made of Heinz ketchup and an oil slick. Clicking this link will let you see Harley with the alternate face that I mentioned before. I was seriously thinking of Stimpy the cat when I drew that face but decided to draw her with the face that’s in the main picture but a Google Image Search for more costume reference turned up a DCAU Batman cover with her making that same cartoony face. Correction: whoever drew that cover did it right and I botched it. All of it was still fun to do.

If you felt a disturbance in the universe on Friday night, that’s my fault. For the first time ever, I managed to find a Ground-Zero Entertainment kung-fu flick on DVD that didn’t crash during the movie or Wu-Tang video, show that it was made from a heavily-wrinkled video tape, have their VHS tape player’s menu screen pop up in the middle of the movie or just burst into flame for no good reason. I’m still shocked that I was able to watch everything on it. The movie, Return of the Deadly Blade starring Yasuaki Kurata & David Chiang, was an okay flick for the $3 that I paid Big Lots for it. Not great, but not horrible. The bonus music video was for “Chessboxing” and is worth at least $1 by itself. There’s a lot of other short bits like trailers, actor bios and a video of Poppa Wu droppin’ knowledge while playing chess. I think I’ll go back to giving Ground-Zero more of a chance after this one.

The main cleaning account that I’m working now has an actual break in it. Due to that, I started bringing a small notebook and pencil with me to catch any mental droppings that roll off my brain. I seem to get a lot more ideas and my creative flow is stronger than it was when I was doing two break-less accounts. Back then, I’d have dozens of stray ideas a week but could only remember a few by the time I got back home. Now I’m sketching out all kinds of random stuff including character redesigns, poses and even lettering pixel widths for future mini-logos. I feel some sort of mental momentum happening. With any luck, that’ll lead speeding up my drawing time and getting more work done.

2 Responses to “More Mallets and more other stuff and thangs”

  1. Holy carp, that Harley is AWESOME!
    SOOOOO shiny!

    have their VHS tape player’s menu screen pop up in the middle of the movie or just burst into flame for no good reason

  2. I’m glad you like the Harley pic!

    I can’t remember which movie it was, but there really is one where the VCR menu with the counter, tape speed and time popped up for a few seconds. It may have been “the Magic Crane” with Anita Mui (the silly woman with glasses from Rumble in the Bronx). I’ve seen bootleg stuff done with more care than that.