May 25th, 2008

I spent my Saturday working on random stuff and coughing up phlegm. I hope that means that my sinus problems are on the way out. I finally got some decent sleep and this is the first time in over a week that I feel fully awake. On the plus side, I had Pizza and Root Beer, one of the most glorious food combinations on this Earth. I think I overdid it with the cheese, but that’s literally just me since I’m the only person eating it. My first attempt in six years to make my own “Blizzard” just made a Reese Cup milkshake because I put in too much milk. The fact that I need to practice the right balance of all this stuff again is just sad beyond belief.

While checking out my weblogs for the first time in dang-near-ever, I found out that the Spriting entry on Wikipedia now has a link to my old Frankenspriting tutorial on ScrollBoss. I can’t who came up with the term Frankenspriting, but it was probably someone on Solid Soul’s late (and still missed) Inner Circle board & site. I remember Mighty Damocles having the technique mastered back when I was just a newbie and I still think she’s probably more qualified to write a tutorial than I am. Plus, looking at that old ScrollBoss page reminds me that I still have a chunk of areas that need some serious updating.

For my own future reference, here’s a link to a page describing one of the best episodes of Reading Rainbow ever: the one with the steel drum band.
Reading Rainbow #415: My Little Island
I used to think I was the only person who loved that episode as a young’un, but someone else always remembers it when I bring it up somewhere. Now that I have the episode number, I can look around and see if it’s on DVD. It’s too bad that Reading Rainbow went out of production now that the kid’s book market is said to be doing better than it has in quite a few years.

2 Responses to “Unnamable”

  1. Oh man, I vaaaaguely remember that episode!
    In trying to find something on youtube about it, I found another ep. I vaaaguely remembered!

  2. Hey, Kimmay!

    A guy joined a message board I’m on and mentioned that he played the Steel Drums and I brought up the steel drums episode. A ton of other people there remembered it too and we were all shocked that we knew that one 🙂

    DANG, I haven’t seen that RUN DMC bit in the LONGEST! Good to see Jay getting some lines in, too. Thanks for the link!