June 11th, 2008

The new computer still locks up from time to time now, but the scanner finally works. No, not the mindblowing Michael Ironside kind of Scanner but the one that I can put artwork in and magically make it appear inside my computertron thingy. So now it’s just the freezes and sound that need fixing.

The Boodocks season 2 DVD set is out and Newsarama’s Steve Fritz did his usual job of writing a good review of things that he knows about. He mentions in one of the commentaries mentions someone that comic fans have been bugging him about for years: Caesar. Yes, Caesar. For those who don’t know, Michael Caesar rolled into the Boondocks comic strip later into the run, hung out with Huey, and just tried to get the poor dude to lighten up a bit. They formed an unstoppable tag-team that fought injustice, tried to get Condoleezza Rice a man and hosted “the Most Embarrassing Black People of the Year Award” ceremonies. Word has it that they are waiting for the right time and voice actress to bring Caesar to life. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Brooklyn’s favorite son gets his chance to shine in animated form.

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