June 14th, 2008

It was my 35th birthday two days ago. I’m not a big fan of my birthday but not for the usual crying about getting a year older. Long story short, messed-up things have happened either days before or right on my birthday. Not just to me or people that I know, but people that I’ve never even heard of until after the stuff went down. I’d like to thank everyone everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and those who were nice enough to give me gifts. I’m not enough of a jerk to demand or expect gifts, but it’s always nice to get ’em.

It was a regular workday on the 12th so I have to celebrate tonight. I’m going to watch two films that I’ve never seen before: National Lampoon’s Movie Madness and the Shaw Brothers classic kung-fu film Come Drink With Me. Movie Madness may turn out to be bad, but the Shaw Bros. flick is said to be one of the best in the genre. I’ll probably get some video gaming in, too. There is only one meal worthy of such a night. That’s right: Pizza and Root Beer.

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