June 26th, 2008

This is one of those posts that I just point out something that I don’t feel like typing over and over again. You’ll see why once you read point number 2.

My original computer stopped working in late May. I’m currently using a used computer that a friend hooked me up with. There are a few problems that I still need to work out with this.

1.) Everything that I was working on is trapped on the hard drives of the old computer which won’t power up now. My backup CDs are pretty out of date (most seem to be Nov. 2007) and I can’t even find all the backups now. The HD enclosure I ordered from TechSunny is on the way and it will (hopefully) let me pull the stuff off the old hard drives. If I was working on something for you recently, it’s probably trapped on one of those two drives. Oddly enough, I just started making back-ups of stuff and started with things I planned to delete to make HD space for some video captures. So I have backups of useless stuff!

2.) Here’s the the current big issue: freezes. This computer freezes at random times and doesn’t start back up unless I restart the machine. It froze twice this afternoon within the span of 3 1/2 hours but sometimes I can go hours with no problems. There are times that I forgot to retype and send messages that were lost after having to restart the system. If you’re wondering why most of my responses to everything are so short, this is why. I’m trying to work this out myself before asking for help. Of course, this is slowing down any computer-based work.

I’m sorry for the delays on everything and I’ll add new posts in the NewOld Computer category to keep you updated on this.

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