Mir. Jiggyfly, I have good news: Thanks to a ton of help from a friend of mine, the NewNew Computer is finished and running. NewNew Computer is filled with magic and joy and awesomes. Everything works better and moves faster without any freezes, stutters, greasy buildup or burning sensations. My brain is still telling me, […]

I hope not. I was going through parts of this blog as I fix some things with the template and I decided to check out the older ScrollBoss Anniversary posts. It wasn’t until I looked at the 8th ScrollBoss Anniversary post that I remembered how plans for a big update were brutally murdered by computer […]

This is one of those posts that I just point out something that I don’t feel like typing over and over again. You’ll see why once you read point number 2. My original computer stopped working in late May. I’m currently using a used computer that a friend hooked me up with. There are a […]