September 18th, 2008

Newsarama reports that talentedly ill artist LeSean Thomas has an artbook out now called Midnight Marauders. While I’m too broke to get it right now, it’s on my “I gotta get it, I got-got to get it” list. For one thing, I dig his art and design work (especially on the Boondocks animated series). On top of that, the name of the book and the cover speaks to the Hip-Hop geek in me by giving dap to one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever.

So they finally killed off “that guy” in DC Comics that did… I can’t even type it. You know what he did in Identity Crisis. To be fair, that’s all they could really do with him after that book because that’s all he’s known for now. I haven’t read Identity Crisis yet so I’m not dissing it. I’m just saying that’s pretty much a textbook way to poison a character for all eternity. Oddly enough, I forget about all that when he shows up in Tiny Titans. Tiny Titans is magic. Even Jericho is cool in Tiny Titans and that’s the definition of magic.

Remember that project that I keep hinting at? I’ve begged, er, had some people try it out and it works for most part. After I clean up some stuff, there’ll be a post in a week or two with the demo. Be Afraid. Or not. It’s your call.

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