October 3rd, 2008

… Pete Rock this one’s for the crew I mean, I finally have a new template for this blog. I have it because I made it with a ton of help from this tutorial. There was a preview of it in the last Illmosis update but it is now in full effect. I was going to wait until I funkified it a bit more but I was tired of this blog’s boring look. You’ll things get tweaked here and there as time goes on and I get better with WordPress-fu. The weird stuff in the background is from a graphic I used for the Illmosis main menu page top image. They’re little symbols of ideas and things that float inside my head and you can even spot Pizza and Root Beer if you look hard enough.

Please drop a line in the comments section if this new template is causing any problems. Like Chuck Barris, I’ll be right back with more stuff.

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