May 2nd, 2009

After a solid month of wearing myself out on artwork, day job work, a painful walk to the post office that made my skeleton ache and a 2-day sickness that made all of that even worse, I’m staying in this weekend. I can’t make it to Free Comic Book Day at the local comic shop but it’s just as well since I’m too broke to make use of the crazy trade paperback sale the shop is having then. I have a huge amount of website work to catch up on so it’s probably for the best.

Part of that time will be spent sorting out my main e-mail inbox. FUN! One thing on the list is to hunt down my original Image-Line activation code from whenever Fruity Loops changed over to FL Studio. The original Fruity Loops activation file I have no longer works. Until I do, the free version of Fruity Loops I’m using won’t save song data. Since the location of samples is different thanks it having to be on a different drive, I can’t just load the songs and play them as-is. This one thing has frozen multiple ScrollBoss projects until I can activate my paid account again.

I spent nearly all of last month working on Illmosis so now I need to spread some love over to ScrollBoss. I planned to do some art for the Minus World features but coloring that Nutroll comic page just sucked almost every bit of spare time I had. I plan to split my time between both sites this month and there should be an update next week. Expect sprites, sprite edits, sprite donations from some very nice people and an update to the Sprite Bases tutorial. I’ll try to do two updates this month to make up for the slackin’ in April’s mackin’.

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