May 5th, 2009

I had to disable my graphics card because it started to run hotter than ever and kept making my system freeze up even more than usual. Due to this, almost everything in Windows XP happens in slow-motion. There is a soul-stabbing lag when scrolling Firefox pages, moving files in Explorer and, the worst part of all, doing almost anything in an art program. Due to that last bit, there will be no new full-color pics from me until this gets resolved. Since I’m working the least amount of real job hours I have in years, this may take a while unless my income tax returns decide to show up this week.

I’m still going through different programs to see what still works normally. One surprise is that WinKawaks somehow manages to work at full speed even when the screen is swarming with Xenomorphs in Alien vs. Predator by Capcom. That’s some seriously efficient programming.

This is just a heads up for anyone who visits Illmosis and ScrollBoss and also gets bored enough to read this blog. I planned to color the Green Lantern – Hal Jordan pic this week but that’s not possible now. I’ll try to do some B&W art to make sure there’s still an update this week. The ScrollBoss update is still on. In fact, I may work more on it since I can’t color anything right now.

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