I’m waiting for RapidShare to give me more minutes so I can download something and I’m too tired to draw or work on sprites. So I’ll tell you about more technofail. 1.) Right now, our cable system is freaking the hell out. Channels keep flipping between states of silent frozen images, frozen images with audio […]

First of all, BAMM! I finally drew a satisfactory pic of my character Passion Tanaka. After mentioning her on page 1 of Nutroll:the Illness, I was ashamed that her character profile didn’t have art that fully captured her character. People seem to be digging this so far, so I hope she picks up a few […]

Thanks to mysterious forces beyond my control, the following image will be stuck in my head for years. If you live in Warren, Ohio and have Time Warner Cable, you may already know what this is. It all began on around the time that TWC replaced our second TV guide channel (comically 6 spots away […]