November 20th, 2007

I’m waiting for RapidShare to give me more minutes so I can download something and I’m too tired to draw or work on sprites. So I’ll tell you about more technofail.

1.) Right now, our cable system is freaking the hell out. Channels keep flipping between states of silent frozen images, frozen images with audio and static. Sadly, none of the frozen pics had audio that was inappropriate. I was hoping to catch a still picture of a mudslide while listening to a man talk about diarrhea, but no such luck. Even worse, no HARD jarring was nowhere to be found.

2.) I picked up a Ground Zero DVD of “Midnight Angels 3” at Big Lots for two reasons. For one, it had a cute actress holding a pair of nunchaku (also known as “NUMBCHUKS”) standing in front of a Wu-Tang Clan logo. That’s three of my weaknesses right there on the cover. Then I find out that Lo Lieh is in it. Finally, it was only $3 so I give it a shot. A bit of a mistake here. The movie was hard to watch whenever it wasn’t an action scene. Those were pretty good. The rest was poot butt at best. In the beginning you could tell it was made from a tape. A bad, bad tape. Whoever made the master DVD for this didn’t even bother to stop recording when the movie was over because the end credits are followed by minutes of static. For the final touch, they didn’t even bother to print anything on the DVD. Except for the name of the movie being on the center ring, it just looks like a plain DVD that some dude down the street burned. Even those $1 Brentwood DVD’s have full color printing on them. They did a nice job on the cover, so I’m shocked that they lamed out on the disc itself. Really, it’s sad to see something with the Wu-Tang logo have such poor quality. But in the end, the Wu save this DVD because it also features a crystal clear music video for Ghostface Killah’s “Cherchez la Ghost” as an extra. Hot damn. In other words, I’ll take a chance on more of these DVDs hoping to luck up on more Wu Videos.

2 Responses to “More Technofail”

  1. I been looking at those wu tang sponsored fu dvds and wondering if i be stupid for parting with 3 to 5 for them. thanks for the review.

  2. It’s a serious hit-or-miss thing with them. I bought “18 Fatal Strikes” and it has the same problem in the beginning where it looks like someone wore out their master tape. Even worse, I can’t get the Wu-Tang video to play for some reason. I think it’s “Can it be that it was all so simple” but don’t quote me on that.