February 7th, 2007

Raw vs. Smackdown 2006 - Spank 2
I’m still working my way through unlocking items in Raw vs. Smackdown 2006, which was bought at around $10 once RvS2007 hit the streets. No, it’s not the shiny, new game, but it still has a lot of my favorite wrestlers who aren’t in WWE anymore. Eddy Guerrero (R.I.P.) is still among the living here Kurt Angle, Christian and Spike Dudley haven’t moved to TNA yet and divas Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler and Lita are still around. Right now, I’m working to unlock the extra arenas by completing certain challenges. I still have a few to go and they include throwing 10 people out of the Royal Rumble (and I always mess up on the 9th and poor Andre the Giant gets tossed out) and completing a spank combo in the “Fufill your Fantasy” match. Yes, a spank combo done by sports game-like meter where you must time your movements when the hand cursor is in the right place. It’d be easier if I knew which part of the hand was supposed to be within the target section on the Spank-o-meter when pressing down. Unfortunately, yet appropriately, the Spank-o-meter is a pain in the ass (ba-dump-BUMP). I wonder if the ladies have their own Spank Stats. Don’t laugh! Even Tekken Tag’s Bowling mode has a stat system. Eh, at least it won’t be boring trying to figure this out.

Raw vs. Smackdown 2006 - Guy and CodyI’ve loved the Create-a-wrestler mode in grappling games ever since I first played WWF War Zone by Acclaim. There’s an insane amount of options for customizing your characters and that allows you to make danged near anyone you want to make. Guy and Cody here (from Final Fight)

aren’t done yet, but close enough to just goof around with in the game. I’ll have more ridiculous screenshots (and maybe videos) once I’ve done some work on other characters. On an odd note, I’ve heard that a lot of custom options where taken out of the 2007 edition and that some prefer 2006. I’m tempted by 2007, since Tazz, Psicosis, Super Crazy and Ken Kennedy are playable in it. I’m not clocking doo-doo dumb dollars in crazy stacks so I can’t swing dough like that all the time. Maybe I’ll get 2007 when it’s 10 bones in about a year.

Hmmm… I wonder if I can make Nutroll in this…

edit: After some consulation with the referee and hours of soul searching, I decided to change the name of the post. If you saw it earlier, you’ll probably forget it in a few days anyway. If you didn’t see it, then you didn’t miss much.

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