I’m sleepy. For those that know me in real life, that’s nothing new because I usually look like I’m going to fall asleep. In this case, I’m sleepier than usual. I’m making more idjit-grade mistakes than usual. It’s like the weird thing that happened to my sleeping pattern got even worse just in time for […]

First, I apologize for not doing a music post yesterday (Friday). I spent the early part of the day trying to make headway on a graphic generator that may be ready about 2 weeks from now (or sooner). As I was gathering video links, a got a phone call and caught a case of the […]

Now I remember that big-deal comic book story that happened yesterday. I’ll be shocked if you haven’t heard about it by now, but not everyone can be the sharpest apple in the knife barrel like I am. Here’s a link to the news story: Batman Defeated by Joker – Seven Decades of Superheroing Come to […]

Yes, another link to a Davey D blog post. With all the stuff going on in the news now, the site’s become a daily visit for me instead of my old twice a week routine. RIAA vs. Internet Radio From getting things yanked from YouTube.com to killing Internet Radio, the major companies are really trying […]

First of all, I’m going to hold off on “Everything is Everything” until I’m less busy. I’ve already started scanning comics and taking photos for it, so it’s definitely coming. Despite claiming not to be a daily blog, it’s been daily for over a week now while ScrollBoss has been neglected. As I work on […]

So I planned to start this week off with an upbeat post and start a theme about how everything that I like is connected in my head in the same way it is in the minds of many other people out there. Then I saw this news story that I’m about to talk about and […]

Heh, I was trying to get that last challenge unlocked to get this ring while having the difficulty set to Easy when it has to be on Normal. D’oh! Now I can wrestle in what looks like the Hammerstein Ballroom on steroids. Except for the need to tweak a lot of characters move sets, I’m […]

Didn’t hit the comic shop last week, so I did so this one. 52 (weeks 42 and 42) – Damn, Sir Chomps-a-lot. Green Lantern – while I think everyone knew where that character was headed, I dug the issue. Pages 2 and 3 were a hoot, though. Anyone who thought that the series was going […]

I was going to do a completely different theme for this week’s music post, but I thought it’d be better if I waited until using that one for now. I have a week-long theme planned that’s related to the subject, so I figure I’d save it until then. Eh, I’m busy anyway. The apt. floor’s […]

Going through more of my old artwork, I found a picture that I kinda/sorta forgot about. My memory is a bit more messed up than I let on, so forgive me for fudging the details here. One of my aunts (Louise?) wanted me to draw a picture of Mickey Mouse in Hip-Hop clothing for the […]