April 1st, 2008

All of those work hours and steak knives may have kept me from debuting the new Illness pages today, but that didn’t stop me from finishing the early version of Illmosis’ new comic page script with Nutroll:

Nutroll Comic Page

See that creepy looking picture that’s the cover for Nutroll: The Illness? That’s temporary artwork quickly colored from what will eventually be the real cover. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to draw it all not to mention that it’s potentially spoiler-based. Once you see the end of Chapter one and see the cover, you’ll get what I mean. The funny thing is that I almost didn’t even have that temp version done because it kept coming up as “invalid file” when I tried to open it up in PaintShopPro this morning. I almost deleted the file out of psychotic rage. Minutes later, everything else running on my computer stopped working and I had to restart. Once I restarted and the ScanDisk check ran, the file reopened and everything else was okay. Luckily, that was the only stupid April Fool’s Joke I got hit with today.

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