April 18th, 2008

Random, butt-kicking real life developments have slowed my posting to a slow crawl. Instead of my usual “BAW! Things are crazay right now!” routine, I’ll keep it simple: things ARE crazy. How crazy?

Yes. It’s like that and please believe it. As always, I apologize for not making my usual rounds to bring you my gifts of random, unwanted ramblings. Let me bore you with some details:

For the record, HKFlix.com is on my list of sure-shot online movie places to order from. I bought the PanMedia version of “Kid with the Golden Arm” a few weeks ago and I just got today’s purchase of John Woo’s “The Killer” (for my sister) and a 4-disc Brentwood Sci-Fi collection that has one of my favorite bad attempts to cash in on Star Wars: War of the Robots. I’ll yak about those movies at a later date. I’ve always heard good things about the store and they did not disappoint. They’re having a huge sale on martial arts flicks including region-free discs. You’ll find a crapload of Shaw Brothers titles so don’t sleep on this sale.

Nutroll:the Illness will be put on hold (again) right after the Teaser gets posted. Besides still wanting to find that really killer layout for page 1 that’s been lost since the move in February, I just got a request for some commission artwork. It’s some pretty fun stuff and I’ll point you to the website as soon as they get it up. Just because I’m not doing pages doesn’t mean that the Nutroll story won’t be fleshed out. There will be some additional content that may be too “meta” for some people, but I probably wouldn’t like those people either. Those of you who like the fun and the crazy may get a kick out of the later stuff.

Another reason for putting the rest of the story on pause is that I’ve finally decided that I’m going to put together a small comic. Yes, a real comic made of paper and ink and staples. Depending on how much money I have by the time the work is done, it will either be a small ashcan comic or a real B&W comic with a color cover. Expect to hear more about this in a few weeks.

You want to know what one of my favorite new comic books is?

That’s right: Tiny Titans. Aw Yeah TITANS!

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