October 18th, 2008

Screaming TikiCon was officially a blast. I’ll have posts with more stuff later. This con wasn’t about buying cool stuff as much as it was about meeting cool people and I did that. Having said that, here’s most of what I got:

Stuff I got

Stuff I got

Lethal Showdown sketchbook vol 1 autographed and sketched in by the man known as Ren. Wait until you see what he sketched in there.

A sketchbook from the awesomedelic Cat Staggs

The MA:Spider-Man: Identity Crisis TPB autrographed by Marc Sumerak.

A magic MEGATON of good paper stuffs from Art Baltazar and Franco including a Tiny Titans issue I missed.

Not pictured: some artwork from Terry Huddleston. Check out his deviantART page and put him on your watch list if he’s not on it yet!

Plus: I bought a Marvel Superhero Showdown figure of Thor for two dollars. Two Dollars. TWO DOLLARS. In ya stankin’ face, Action Figure Aftermarket! My Shaolin Skinflint 36-cent Chamber training in patience has served me well yet again!

More as this story develops.

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